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Routine preventive health care including vaccinations, deworming, on-site lab testing, physical exams, lameness
evaluations, pre-purchase and insurance exams, and reproductive management. Our staff of veterinarians can provide these services both at the hospital and on the farm through our well equipped trucks. Our hospital is conveniently located near the intersections of SR 46 and I-4 in western Seminole County. It houses a reception area, offices, pharmacy, laboratory, treatment area, holding stalls and surgery. We provide our patients with 24 hour emergency service.

We perform routine and advanced dentistry at our clinic and in the field, including routine dental exams, advanced/motorized equilibration, performance floating, oral surgery and extractions, and dental x-rays.Our doctors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in equine dentistry. While examining your horse, we may recommend advanced dentistry if we feel your horse would benefit from more than a routine float. Dentistry is a great resource for horse owners trying to improve performance, comfort, or feed utilization for their horses.


Lameness evaluation, pre-purchase exams...Lameness diagnosis and sports medicine is a highly specialized area of equine practice that requires significant expertise. Thorough physical exams, lameness exams (sometimes under saddle), and knowledge of current therapies and treatments are necessary. A combination of diagnostic joint and nerve blocks are often used to help pin down the injured or abnormal area in a horse exhibiting lameness or decreased performance. Our clinicians are experienced in the use and interpretation of radiography, ultrasound, and other diagnostic modalities. Treatments can include therapeutic joint and tendon sheath injections, shockwave, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy, and many other options.




1. Digital Ultrasound. Ultrasound is a valuable imaging tool for evaluating and diagnosing many different conditions and monitoring the healing process. Ultrasound is used to evaluate pneumonia, abdominal pain, cardiac disease, umbilical infection, anatomical sites with a mass or swelling, pregnancy, as well as joint, tendon, and ligament injuries. Our MyLab30 ultrasound is used in the clinic and in the field to provide state-of-the-art imaging for patients, and to provide guided injections of PRP, iRAP. and Stem Cell therapies.

2. Digital Radiography. The advent of portable digital radiography has allowed us to x-ray areas of the horse's body that were previously difficult to obtain high quality images. Our NextDR direct digital portable x-ray unit can provide instant results for on-the-spot diagnostic assessments, as well as, high quality pre-purchase and sale films.


3. Digital Thermographic Camera. Measuring the heat signature of more than 327 million pixels in each image to identify variations in tissue temperature that is helpful in locating subtle areas of inflammation and drawing attention to those areas by visually assessing the differences.  Extremely helpful when assessing "return to work" decisions after injury and in appreciating multiple sources for issues related to lameness and performance.

       Thermal Camera Small     Thermal Suspensory   

       Thermal Hocks   Thermal Navicular

4. Laser Therapy. The latest step forward in the area of "Photobiomodulation" using the latest advances in Class IV lasers.  This class of lasers utilizes a higher power and offers deeper penetration to affect positive changes at the cellular level achieving pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and increasing microcirculation.  Pain relief is acheived through simultaneous biochemical pathways and blocking C-fiber nerves pathways and reduction of inflammation by inhibiting the production and secretion of prostaglandins.  The video link gives an animated demonstration of how laser therapy is helpful.


  Laser Info Laser Machine


5. Shockwave Therapy. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), more commonly known as just shockwave, is a relatively new treatment modality that has shown efficacy in treating certain conditions. To date the most successful applications for ESWT have been suspensory ligament desmitis, chronic muscle soreness (back pain) and fibrosis, and tendonitis, although it has also been used with good results for horses with chronic heel pain (navicular syndrome) and other tendon injuries. Shockwaves are high-energy acoustic (sound) waves using a hand piece to focus and transmit the waves. The waves travel through tissues via contact with the hand piece, affecting the soft tissue and bone structures in a targeted area. Shockwave is usually administered in a series, with several treatments at 2-3 week intervals.

6. Video Endoscope and Gastroscope. Our 1 meter and 3 meter equipment allows us to view and record both still images and real time video of the upper airway structures, esophagus and stomach to diagnose a wide range of issues related to health and performance including upper airway obstruction, laryngeal paralysis, dorsal displaced soft palate, eppiglottic entrapment, esophageal diverticulae, and gastric ulcer syndrome.



Internal medicine encompasses all things that do not involve surgery or orthopedic work. This leaves problems involving the lungs, heart, brain, spinal cord, intestinal tract, urinary tract (kidneys and bladder), internal organs (liver, pancreas and spleen), endocrine system, etc. These problems can include organ failure, infections, cancers, toxicities, metabolic problems such as Cushing's Disease and Metabolic Syndrome, and congenital problems. Some of the more common cases that we see are cases of severe pneumonia, liver disease, kidney disease, and neurological problems. Neonatal care also falls under the umbrella of internal medicine as well.


We provide artificial insemination services including breeding with chilled and frozen semen, mare and stallion evaluation, uterine cultures, cytology and biopsies, and neonatal care.


We provide elective and emergency soft tissue surgery, wound management and after care. Castrations, hernia repairs, eye enucleations, cryosurgery, and tendon surgery (including PRP and Stem Cell) are just some of the procedures we offer.


Comprehensive in-house and on site assessment of ocular disease and injuries and follow through on case management for uveitis, corneal injuries, fungal infections, eyelid lacerations and associated soft tissue surgery.



Having our own in house laboratory provides the availability of comprehensive, reliable test results that is a vital function for the continuous care provided at CFEH. Our laboratory services include hematology, serum chemistry, urinalysis, bacteriology, cytology, and parasitology.

                                 EMERGENCY SERVICE  407-322-3864


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